New Installation 

At Low-Rise Elevator Co., Inc, we are experts in New Elevator Installation. Call today and speak with Mark for an estimate on your project.

  • Passenger

  • Limited Access

  • Freight Elevators 

  • In-ground Cylinder

  • Twin Post

  • Roped Hydraulic and Traction

  • Residence Elevators

  • Commercial Dumbwaiters

Cab Modernization 

Low-Rise Elevator Co., Inc mechanics are experts in Cab Modernization. If you need an update to renew your outdated cab, we will help you determine the right look. From plastic laminate walls and aluminum frames, to drop ceiling grids with translucent and wood paneled walls we can create the perfect elevator to meet your design specifications. We are also experts in low voltage halogen lighting and mirrored solid paneled ceilings. Call today to speak with our design expert.