Maintenance, Repairs and Testing

Low-Rise Elevator Co., Inc. has been performing Maintenance, Repairs and Testing on elevators since 1992. You can count on us to keep detailed records of all your service and repair needs. 

Our skilled elevator mechanics are equipped with company owned and fully stocked vehicles so we can provide timely repairs and fast responses to any elevator emergency.

The safety of your elevator system is top priority. Call today to set up you required scheduled maintenance program. 

Maintenance Contracts

Expect a contract tailored to meet your needs or choose from one of our standard contracts.

Pressure Testing

Required every 3 years on hydraulic elevators.

Safety Testing

Safety testing is required every 5 years on traction/cable elevators. 


Reschacling is required every 2 years on drum type elevators.

Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement.  

Whether due to a leak in the ground or as a preventive measure we can make this job as painless as possible at a competitive price point.